Cacti graph exportation

I am a enthusiast user of Cacti because it gives me a good insight in the health and functioning of my servers. Aside from that it’s a great tool to discover the cause of a problem when an incident occurs. We are all familiar with the extreme flexibility of Cacti and it’s data and graph templates but today I discovered a feature which I hadn’t seen before.

The Cacti is the graph exportation feature to be precise. It gives you the opportunity to export all or a subset of your graphs periodically using various methods. It can export your graphs via FTP, SFTP or locally on the server that is running your Cacti daemon. Of course you can specify authentication and path information for your export but even better you can control a lot more! You can arrange everything from the timing of the exports until the size of the exported graphs.

Possible applications of this feature are easy to imagine for example automatic offsite access to your graphs for when your Cacti server becomes unreachable and you need to backtrack the problem. Another application can be the providing of authentication free access to your graph tree for example to your internal network.

You can find the graph exportation settings when logging into your Cacti administration panel using an account with enough rights to administer settings on your Cacti installation. After logging in you navigate to the console tab, from the left menu choose Settings under the section Configuration. On the page that appears select the tab Graph Export.


Be careful with the export interval you choose. Cacti has several options to create a timing scheme, for example hourly, daily or per poller-run. Be aware of the fact that when you have large number of graphs the exportation can be quite a burden on the load of your servers I/O!