CentOS installation on large drives

This post is more a note to myself then it is a blog post. That is not a problem because in fact this whole blog is based on that very principal. Today, I was installing CentOS 5.5 onto a particularly large volume and I encountered some errors during the creation of the partition scheme concerning the placement of the /boot patition.

It seems to be that the version of Grub that is embedded into CentOS 5.5 does not have support for booting from a volume larger then 2 TB. Having encountered this problem before with CentOS 5.4 I was struggling to remember the solution. After unsuccessfully messing around with some commonly mentioned results I gave up.

The most easy solution to this problem: Create separate, smaller, volume for your /boot partition in the configuration of you storage controller. Yes, I know that this solution is only applicable to you who have RAID controller available in their machine. But common, every server should!