Continuing in English

Although much hasn’t yet been written on this blog I hereby officially announce that future writings on this blog will be in English.

Choosing English as a language for this blog has two primary reasons. By far the most important is that computers are English. That’s an odd sentence but it’s true. Everything that surrounds computers is named English. Abbreviations, hardware, programming functions and language constructors but most importantly communication! As all the previous and even more is in English it seems silly to write in Dutch. When writing in Dutch over and over again there is a doubt in my mind whether or not to translate a certain word or not. Sometimes you do and it makes a sentence seem ugly, sometimes you don’t and it makes your whole post seem inconsistent.

Except for the translational problems there is the audience. Since my primary subject of writing will be day to day handy things I encounter during my work it is useful information for the whole world. Not just the (very tiny) Dutch speaking part.

So, English it will be. If you don’t like it: Translate!