Heartbeat 2.x not wanting to standby

When you are trying to use the script /var/lib/heartbeat/hb_standby or the script var/lib/heartbeat/hb_takeover you might experience that nothing is happening. In that case you are likely to see the following message in your log (which probably is /var/log/messages) : info: Standby mode only implemented when nice_failback on .

I know what you are thinking, just add nice_failback on to your /etc/ha.d/ha.cf configuration file and everything will be jolly good. Please go ahead, you will notice this doesn’t solve the problem. This is because of the fact that the authors of heartbeat changed the configuration parameter but failed to change the log-message. The correct addition to your /etc/ha.d/ha.cf is: auto_failback off. Just to be sure everything keeps working I would recommend to leave the nice_failback on line in place in case you might ever down grade to a version of heartbeat that is pre 2.x .

Above information was found on the linux-ha mailing-list